Thursday, March 03, 2005

NWCA bird report 2/19-2/25/05

Here is what has been reported over the past week in northwestern California. Call the Arcata birdbox at 707-822-5666 for more information and more explicit directions, and to report your own sightings. Please remember to use the star key when exiting to prevent "jamming" the birdbox.


HORNED PUFFIN (found beached, alive)
common redpoll (confirmed from December)

Elias Elias had the continuing NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH at the log pond and a PALM WARBLER at the footbridge near the north I Street parking lot on February 25 at the Arcata Marsh. Elias Elias reported seeing photos of the COMMON REDPOLL reported from Eureka. It was present for 3 weeks in December.
80 TREE SWALLOWS and 5-6 VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS were reported by Scott Kerry on February 23 at the Arcata Marsh over the Log Pond.
Brian Accord on February 21 had the continuing BLUE JAY at Tom and Cathy Heins' residence in Redwood Valley.
John and Jennifer Mason reported on February 21 a juvenile NORTHERN GOSHAWK at their residence 1.5 miles east of Willow Creek. They can be reached at530-629-2072
Stacy Hamill reported a PALM WARBLER at Allen Marsh at the Arcata Marsh on February 21.
RED KNOT, CLARK'S GREBE, EURASIAN WIGEON and YELLOW WARBLER were reported at the Arcata Marsh by Elias Elias on February 21.
Matt Wachs on February 21 had a LONG-TAILED DUCK at the end of South Depot Road in Field's Landing and 3 HOODED MERGANSERS on the right side of the road coming into King Salmon. Also seen from King Salmon were 1 PACIFIC LOON, 2 HARLEQUIN DUCKS and 4 MARBLED MURRELETS.
Amanda Austin from the Wildlife Care Center recieved a HORNED PUFFIN found beached in Samoa. She can be reached at 845-5863 for photographs of the bird.
Frank Anderson reported a PALM WARBLER on February 20 at the Arcata Marsh south of the Interpretive Center.
Rob Fowler reported that Todd Easterlea had the BLUE JAY on February 19 in Redwood Valley. On February 20 Rob, Todd, and John Hunter had the continuing LEAST FLYCATCHER at the Watermark Building in Arcata, and the continuing BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH, COMMON MOORHEN and PALM WARBLER at the Arcata Marsh.
On February 20 Jim Tietz had a LESSER YELLOWLEGS and 4 LAPLAND LONGSPURS at the Mad River Slough Wildlife Area.

Check out the Northwestern California Bird Blog (with the right address this
time) at for more frequent updates on whats going on with birds in the region.

Good birding,

Steve Tucker,
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