Tuesday, March 22, 2005

NW California Birds 3/5/05-3/10/05

Here is what has been reported over the past week in northwestern California. Call the Arcata birdbox at 707-822-5666 for more information and more explicit directions, and to report your own sightings. Please remember to use the star key when exiting to prevent "jamming" the birdbox.


March 10, Rob Fowler and others saw the LONG-TAILED DUCK that Alana Rose and Brandy McNall found at the Allen Marsh at the Arcata Marsh. The YELLOW WARBLER also continued. The EURASIAN WIGEON continued at Samoa and Jackson Ranch Roads. Scott Kerry had a NASHVILLE WARBLER at his house on 12th Street in Arcata on March 10. John Hunter on March 7 had 7-10 WHITE-THROATED SWIFTS under the Wagner Bridge south of Garberville, and 4 more at milepost 103 on the south fork of the Eel in Mendocino County. On March 10 Brain Cariss reported large flocks of TUNDRA SWANS over Arcata. Brian Cariss had a NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW in the Arcata Community Forest on March 9.

Scott Kerry on Jackson Ranch Road had a EURASIAN WIGEON, a MERLIN, and another MERLIN over Allen Marsh. Also on Jackson Ranch Road were 2 ROSS' GOOSE (March 7). Gary Falksa reported a PALM WARBLER and 8 TUNDRA SWANS at the Fay Slough Wildlife Area on March 5. Paul Lohsse had the continuing YELLOW WARBLER at the Arcata Marsh on March 4 and a BULLOCK'S ORIOLE in Blue Lake on March 6.

A RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD was at the base of Chezm Road on March 6 (Frank Anderson). On March 5 there were 61 GWFG on Copenhagen Road (Cas Finite (sp?) and Alex Stillman). Scott Kerry at the north jetty had 2 ROCK SANDPIPERS, 2 MARBLED MURRELETS and a dark SHEARWATER. A RED KNOT was at the Samoa bridge, as was an OSPREY (March 5). Rob Fowler and David Vanderpluyum on March 5 had the continuing BLUE JAY in Redwood Valley, the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD at the California Welcome Center on Giuntoli. The LEAST FLYCATCHER continued at the Watermark building at the end of 8th Street, the SAY'S PHOEBE continued on the V Street Loop, 2 PALM WARBLERS and a PRAIRIE FALCON were over the Arcata marsh. On March 5 Brian Accord had a NASHVILLE WARBLER at Shay Park.

Good birding,
Steve Tucker
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