Friday, March 04, 2005

NW Cal bird report 2/25-3/4/05

Here is what has been reported over the past week in northwestern California. Call the Arcata birdbox at 707-822-5666 for more information and more explicit directions, and to report your ownsightings. Please remember to use the star key when exiting to prevent "jamming" the birdbox.



Rob Fowler on March 3 had a SAY'S PHOEBE at the Mad River Slough Wildlife Area at the eastern parking area on south side of the barn. Jim Tietz and Braiden Hogan saw the bird on March 2 as well.

Matt Wachs on March 3 had the continuing LONG-TAILED DUCK off South Bay Depot Road as well as 50 AMERICAN AVOCETS. Coming into King Salmon on the right side of the road 3 HOODED MERGANSERS continued, as well as a PACIFIC LOON and 2 HARLEQUIN DUCKS in the bay, and a BALD EAGLE on the south spit.

David Gurley in Redway on March 3 had a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at the Alternative Energy Engineering Building.

Elias Elias reported a VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW singing at the top of Fireman (sp?) Drive in Arcata.

Michael Morris on March 3 had 40 TUNDRA SWANS over Henderson Center in Eureka.
2 PALM WARBLERS and 1 RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD were at the interpretive center at the Arcata Marsh on March 2 (Elias Elias and Paul Lohsse).

Rob Fowler March 2 had a PRAIRIE FALCON and 2 LAPLAND LONGSPURS at the Mad River Slough Wildlife Area.

Dave Quady reported the continuing BLUE JAY in Redwood Valley on March 1 at the Hinz residence.

Jay Sooter on February 21 had a BALD EAGLE downstream from the Benbow dam and a PEREGRINE FALCON at 272 Sprowel Crk Rd. Another PEREGRINE FALCON was over the Benbow Inn on February 28.

Eddie Tanner had 2 PILEATED WOODPECKERS at Redwood park on February 27. On February 28 Jeremy Strawn had a GREEN HERON in Sunnybrae.

Rob Fowler and Matt Wachs on February 27 had a 3rd-year GLAUCOUS GULL, 2 BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKES and 2 CASPIAN TERNS at Crab Park at the mouth of the Eel River. At Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge there were hundereds of swallows, mostly TREE SWALLOWS, some VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS and a BARN SWALLOW.

An AMERICAN BITTERN was at the log pond and the NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH continued at the Arcata Marsh on February 27 (Elias Elias, Brian Cariss, Paul Lohsse).

Good birding,

Steve Tucker
LBJ Enterprises


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