Tuesday, March 22, 2005

GODWIT DAYS 2005 - Latest update Mar 22nd

Dear Birders and Nature Lovers,

I just thought our local folks would like to hear how Godwit Days is going. The media buzz is just starting with news articles in the Times Standard, the Spirit of the North Coast running on TV, and Keet, KHum and KHSU ready with on air promotions of the event. So far we have 130 people already registered and I think we are still four weeks out. As such some trips are sold out already and others only have a few spots left. I thought I would pass this information on so locals can get in on things they might want too before finding out on Friday Night (April 15th) that there is not much left available - not that you can't register then - just that we'd love to get you in earlier.

So far both Pelagic Trips are sold out and several of the Indian Island Boat Trips (that only seat five) are full as well. The small passenger boat from Hum Boats edges you up close to the Indian Island Egret Rookery, as well as getting close to other birds on the water. It runs very quietly so often allows you to get near to the wildlife. We offer several of these 2 hour excursions, so there are places latter on in the weekend that are still open.

The two most popular trips this year were Dave Fix's and Jude Power's "Best Birding Spots in Central Coastal Humboldt" on Saturday which has maxed-out. As well as Alan Barron's "Del Norte - Tufted Puffin" trip on Sunday which is also full.

The two Big Day Bus Trips Saturday (Kerry Ross) and Sunday (C.J. Ralph and Ken Able) have space still for both days. They also offer a great all-day birding experience, it costs a little more as we pay for the City Buses, but lunch is provided and I just love the fact that for one weekend you can ride on the "Bird Route." The current Big Day record of 129 species (7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) is not to be sniffed at either.

"Nighttime Owls" on Friday is always popular and it has just 3 spots left, the scouting trip Thursday before only has one spot left. These nighttime activities are exciting and full of anticipation however one can come up short sometimes especially due to wind or rain. The owl experience I love to promote is the Spotted Owl Trip, a daytime "mousing" with the biologists from Green Diamond (formerly Simpson) Resource Company. We still have space on the Saturday trip, and we may add to the Sunday trip once the last spot is taken. No guarantees in birding, but this is a pretty reliable trip with great photographic opportunities.

Pablo's High Elevation Trip has one spot left, as does the South Fork Trinity Trip with Atlas author John Hunter. Only one Marbled Murrelet Trip spot is left for dawn with Steve Tucker on Sunday, but plenty of spaces are available Saturday. Brit O'Brien leads a trip I like that goes inland, the "Grouse trip with Cabin overnight" in Willow Creek. They still have bed space at the Cabin which overlooks the Trinity River from where they head to Burnt Ranch for a morning grouse search up Hennesey Ridge Road.

All details are at the web site www.godwitdays.com , in the NC Journal publication at newsstands, and by calling 1-800 908-WING.

Yours Rob

P.S. Blue Jay still in Redwood Valley March 22nd.


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