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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Interesting article...

Check out this article I found on the BBC website regarding legislation for feral cat "management". It is at

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spring arrivals

Apologies for not posting in a while, my academic obligations have been getting the best of me. However, they are also getting me into the field a lot. Warbling Vireo, Cassin's Vireo, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Swainson's Thrush, Wilson's Warbler and many Orange-crowned Warblers have all arrived in Blue Lake, either at the fish hatchery or the big Cottonwood patch, or both. I actually had the CAVI way back in early March...I will provide more specific arrival dates for these things later, as some are pretty early in my opinion. Ive also had Western Bluebird, Merlin, Band-tailed Pigeons and a dead shrew-mole out there over the past month.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

GODWIT DAYS 2005 - Latest update Apr 4


Promotions started to pay off as registrants for Godwit Days took a jump over the weekend. Now at 190 attendees with still about two weeks to go the desired goal of 200 is well within reach. The event looks set for success with 1/4 of the almost 100 events already fully sold out. The event as a whole has already reached 60% of maximum capacity when one looks at the number of trip spaces available.

Not to worry if you want to attend there is still a loaded and varied trip line up on offer. Full details at , but don't wait until Friday night you may be disappointed.

Northwestern California Birds 3/28-4/2/05



On April 2 a VAUX'S SWIFT was over Arcata, and the YELLOW WARBLER continued at the Arcata Marsh at the Allen Marsh (Rob Fowler). Jim Tietz on April 1 had 5 VAUX'S SWIFTS over Arcata and on April 2 had a RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD in Arcata.

Rob Fowler on April 2 at the Arcata Marsh had a RED-NECKED GREBE west of I Street on the bay and a WHITE-WINGED SCOTER at Klopp Lake, as well as continuing MERLIN, and PALM WARBLERS, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH and WILSON'S WARBLER by the Log Pond. Steve Bailey on April 2 had a VESPER SPARROW at Jacoby Creek where the old railroad bridge crosses next to the red house. CLARK'S GREBES were off Jacoby Creek, Field's Landing and between the jettis. 2 GREATER WHITE-FRTONED GEESE and LESSER YELLOWLEGS were at Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The day before Steve Bailey had 2 SWAMP SPARROWS in the slough next to the Log Pond at the Arcata Marsh, an AMERICAN BITTERN in the Log Pond, a EURASIAN GREEN-WINGED TEAL at the Arcata Oxidation Ponds, CLARK'S GREBE, BALD EAGLE and PEREGRINE FALCON in the bay, and PEREGRINE FALCON and MERLIN over the Arcata Marsh on April 1.

A YELLOW WARBLER was seen by Gary Lester on April 1 at H and 2nd in Eureka. Rob Fowler, Barrie Sauppe and Matt Wachs on March 31 saw the LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE that Lucas Knox found on the south spit of Humboldt Bay a few days previous. It was just north of Table Bluff. The BLACK-NECKED STILT continued at Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The BLACK-NECKED STILT was found at Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge on March 30 (Steve Lewis).

Gary Crits and Elias Elias had a GRAY JAY fly over the Arcata Marsh, as well as NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH and WILSON'S WARBLER by the Log Pond on March 30. Barrie Sauppe on March 28 had a HOODED ORIOLE (in Eureka?).



Not having a full blown Aleutian Goose Festival was a blow to the spring line up of festivals on the California North Coast, however, after the success of the Goose Gala April 2, things didn't turn out so bad after all. The plan was to have some limited events Saturday and that evening host a food and wine tasting along with a silent and live auction. Six or seven wineries were present with delicious wines, ports and meads. As many restaurants also provided a beautiful array of savory delights, meats, dips, shrimp, pastas and clam chowder. With deserts and coffee to wrap up there was even egg shaped chocolate candy on the lovely decorated tables in the auction room. The event boasted 186 silent Auction items - bargins for all as there was so many to bid on. It would seem everyone of the 200 who paid $20 to attend went home with something. Champagne livened up the auction bidding as more than 30 premium items went under the gavel. Don't know quite how much was raised, but I do know I'll be back next year for the fully fledged and funded Aleutian Goose Festival 4th weekend in March.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Northwestern California Birds 3/14-3/27/05



Rob Fowler on March 27 had 6 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE on the V Street Loop...on March 4 at the Mad River Slough Wildlife Area there were LAPLAND LONGSPURS and ~3 SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS, and 6 SHORT-EARED OWLS on the 24th. Jeremy Kellerman on March 26 had 3 RING-NECKED DUCKS on Dry Lagoon. At the Arcata Marsh, there was an AMERICAN BITTERN, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH, 4 PALM WARBLERS and a NASHVILLE WARBLER (Elias Elias). Steve Tucker and Samantha Treu had an immature BALD EAGLE on March 23rd south of the V Street Loop. Rick at 1515 Airport Road reported 2 YELLOW-SHAFTED FLICKERS in his yard on March 23rd.

Gary Lester on 3/22 and 3/23 had a 1st winter GLAUCOUS GULL at Commercial and Waterfront, in the gull flock at the seafood processing plant in Eureka. Scott Kerry had a PALM WARBLER and a swallow flock containing TREE, VIOLET-GREEN, N. ROUGH-WINGED and BARN SWALLOWS at the Arcata Marsh on March 19.

Cindy Lieurance had the continuing BLUE JAY and WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at the Hinz residence in Redwood Valley on March 19. Jeremy Todderoff on March 14 had a male TUFTED DUCK in South Humboldt Bay off of South Jetti Road.

Scott Kerry on March 16 at the mouth of Jacoby Creek had a EURASIAN WIGEON, 3 CASPIAN TERNS, CLARK'S GREBE and MERLIN. Sean McAllister on Bear River Ridge on March 15 had 11 CHESTNUT-COLLARED LONGSPURS 1.5 miles west of top of Monument Road on the Rio Dell Side. There was also GOLDEN EAGLE, HORNED LARKS and a WILSON'S SNIPE.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Red-breasted Merganser - Trinity County

For a land-locked county like Trinity a coastal bird such as a Red-breased Merganser is quite a find. Today one was seen by Al DeMartini at the Lewiston Dam. A female, it was at the bend in the reservoir near the marshy area.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

GODWIT DAYS 2005 - Latest update Mar 22nd

Dear Birders and Nature Lovers,

I just thought our local folks would like to hear how Godwit Days is going. The media buzz is just starting with news articles in the Times Standard, the Spirit of the North Coast running on TV, and Keet, KHum and KHSU ready with on air promotions of the event. So far we have 130 people already registered and I think we are still four weeks out. As such some trips are sold out already and others only have a few spots left. I thought I would pass this information on so locals can get in on things they might want too before finding out on Friday Night (April 15th) that there is not much left available - not that you can't register then - just that we'd love to get you in earlier.

So far both Pelagic Trips are sold out and several of the Indian Island Boat Trips (that only seat five) are full as well. The small passenger boat from Hum Boats edges you up close to the Indian Island Egret Rookery, as well as getting close to other birds on the water. It runs very quietly so often allows you to get near to the wildlife. We offer several of these 2 hour excursions, so there are places latter on in the weekend that are still open.

The two most popular trips this year were Dave Fix's and Jude Power's "Best Birding Spots in Central Coastal Humboldt" on Saturday which has maxed-out. As well as Alan Barron's "Del Norte - Tufted Puffin" trip on Sunday which is also full.

The two Big Day Bus Trips Saturday (Kerry Ross) and Sunday (C.J. Ralph and Ken Able) have space still for both days. They also offer a great all-day birding experience, it costs a little more as we pay for the City Buses, but lunch is provided and I just love the fact that for one weekend you can ride on the "Bird Route." The current Big Day record of 129 species (7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) is not to be sniffed at either.

"Nighttime Owls" on Friday is always popular and it has just 3 spots left, the scouting trip Thursday before only has one spot left. These nighttime activities are exciting and full of anticipation however one can come up short sometimes especially due to wind or rain. The owl experience I love to promote is the Spotted Owl Trip, a daytime "mousing" with the biologists from Green Diamond (formerly Simpson) Resource Company. We still have space on the Saturday trip, and we may add to the Sunday trip once the last spot is taken. No guarantees in birding, but this is a pretty reliable trip with great photographic opportunities.

Pablo's High Elevation Trip has one spot left, as does the South Fork Trinity Trip with Atlas author John Hunter. Only one Marbled Murrelet Trip spot is left for dawn with Steve Tucker on Sunday, but plenty of spaces are available Saturday. Brit O'Brien leads a trip I like that goes inland, the "Grouse trip with Cabin overnight" in Willow Creek. They still have bed space at the Cabin which overlooks the Trinity River from where they head to Burnt Ranch for a morning grouse search up Hennesey Ridge Road.

All details are at the web site , in the NC Journal publication at newsstands, and by calling 1-800 908-WING.

Yours Rob

P.S. Blue Jay still in Redwood Valley March 22nd.

NW California Birds 3/5/05-3/10/05

Here is what has been reported over the past week in northwestern California. Call the Arcata birdbox at 707-822-5666 for more information and more explicit directions, and to report your own sightings. Please remember to use the star key when exiting to prevent "jamming" the birdbox.


March 10, Rob Fowler and others saw the LONG-TAILED DUCK that Alana Rose and Brandy McNall found at the Allen Marsh at the Arcata Marsh. The YELLOW WARBLER also continued. The EURASIAN WIGEON continued at Samoa and Jackson Ranch Roads. Scott Kerry had a NASHVILLE WARBLER at his house on 12th Street in Arcata on March 10. John Hunter on March 7 had 7-10 WHITE-THROATED SWIFTS under the Wagner Bridge south of Garberville, and 4 more at milepost 103 on the south fork of the Eel in Mendocino County. On March 10 Brain Cariss reported large flocks of TUNDRA SWANS over Arcata. Brian Cariss had a NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW in the Arcata Community Forest on March 9.

Scott Kerry on Jackson Ranch Road had a EURASIAN WIGEON, a MERLIN, and another MERLIN over Allen Marsh. Also on Jackson Ranch Road were 2 ROSS' GOOSE (March 7). Gary Falksa reported a PALM WARBLER and 8 TUNDRA SWANS at the Fay Slough Wildlife Area on March 5. Paul Lohsse had the continuing YELLOW WARBLER at the Arcata Marsh on March 4 and a BULLOCK'S ORIOLE in Blue Lake on March 6.

A RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD was at the base of Chezm Road on March 6 (Frank Anderson). On March 5 there were 61 GWFG on Copenhagen Road (Cas Finite (sp?) and Alex Stillman). Scott Kerry at the north jetty had 2 ROCK SANDPIPERS, 2 MARBLED MURRELETS and a dark SHEARWATER. A RED KNOT was at the Samoa bridge, as was an OSPREY (March 5). Rob Fowler and David Vanderpluyum on March 5 had the continuing BLUE JAY in Redwood Valley, the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD at the California Welcome Center on Giuntoli. The LEAST FLYCATCHER continued at the Watermark building at the end of 8th Street, the SAY'S PHOEBE continued on the V Street Loop, 2 PALM WARBLERS and a PRAIRIE FALCON were over the Arcata marsh. On March 5 Brian Accord had a NASHVILLE WARBLER at Shay Park.

Good birding,
Steve Tucker
LBJ Enterprises

Friday, March 11, 2005

Fields of Geese - HBNWR

This past weekend the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge (HBNWR) had an open house. On March 6th a trip went around the Loleta Bottoms looking at all the Aleutian Cackling Geese out in the fields, current counts have about 20,000 in the Humboldt area - about a third of the population. This impressive array is only here during migration periods as the waterfowl move north or south from Alaska to the Central Valley. Tucked in with these are five other species: the regular Weatern Canada Geese, the Brant that peak in Spring on the South Bay Eel Grass flats, Snow Goose, Ross' Goose and Greater White-fronted Geese. The last three are considered rare by Dr. Harris in his NW checklist, however with careful searching all were present at the goose showdown. Two Snow Geese were out on the refuge visable from the Headquaters (they have scopes there for scanning). A single Ross' Goose was in with Aleutians on the Loleta Bottoms visible from the Ocean Ranch access by the old reservation. Best of all 61 Greater White-fronted Geese were spotted off Copenhagen Drive in a flock size we normally only see flying over.

So, now is the time to check for passing waterfowl before they vanish for the summer. Rare in the winter neither of the three rare geese have ever been spotted during the breeding season, pretty obvious as they breed at or above the Arctic Circle. It's felt that the large flocks of Aleutians attract these odd stragglers and perhaps with time as the fields of geese continue to grow Doc will have to consider snow, Ross and white-front a bit more common!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Recent birds...

3/6/05 - SAY'S PHOEBE continues on the V Street Loop around the house with the yappy dogs. ~6 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE in the field west of the loop. 1 female MERLIN on Samoa Blvd.

3/5/05 - a group of 14 and a group of 25 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE at Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Also 2 EURASIAN WIGEON, SHORT-EARED OWL, and a couple PEREGRINE FALCONS.

3/4/05 - 1 EURASIAN WIGEON and a WHITE-WINGED SCOTER and the mouth of Elk River.

Steve Tucker

Friday, March 04, 2005

NW Cal bird report 2/25-3/4/05

Here is what has been reported over the past week in northwestern California. Call the Arcata birdbox at 707-822-5666 for more information and more explicit directions, and to report your ownsightings. Please remember to use the star key when exiting to prevent "jamming" the birdbox.



Rob Fowler on March 3 had a SAY'S PHOEBE at the Mad River Slough Wildlife Area at the eastern parking area on south side of the barn. Jim Tietz and Braiden Hogan saw the bird on March 2 as well.

Matt Wachs on March 3 had the continuing LONG-TAILED DUCK off South Bay Depot Road as well as 50 AMERICAN AVOCETS. Coming into King Salmon on the right side of the road 3 HOODED MERGANSERS continued, as well as a PACIFIC LOON and 2 HARLEQUIN DUCKS in the bay, and a BALD EAGLE on the south spit.

David Gurley in Redway on March 3 had a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at the Alternative Energy Engineering Building.

Elias Elias reported a VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW singing at the top of Fireman (sp?) Drive in Arcata.

Michael Morris on March 3 had 40 TUNDRA SWANS over Henderson Center in Eureka.
2 PALM WARBLERS and 1 RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD were at the interpretive center at the Arcata Marsh on March 2 (Elias Elias and Paul Lohsse).

Rob Fowler March 2 had a PRAIRIE FALCON and 2 LAPLAND LONGSPURS at the Mad River Slough Wildlife Area.

Dave Quady reported the continuing BLUE JAY in Redwood Valley on March 1 at the Hinz residence.

Jay Sooter on February 21 had a BALD EAGLE downstream from the Benbow dam and a PEREGRINE FALCON at 272 Sprowel Crk Rd. Another PEREGRINE FALCON was over the Benbow Inn on February 28.

Eddie Tanner had 2 PILEATED WOODPECKERS at Redwood park on February 27. On February 28 Jeremy Strawn had a GREEN HERON in Sunnybrae.

Rob Fowler and Matt Wachs on February 27 had a 3rd-year GLAUCOUS GULL, 2 BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKES and 2 CASPIAN TERNS at Crab Park at the mouth of the Eel River. At Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge there were hundereds of swallows, mostly TREE SWALLOWS, some VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS and a BARN SWALLOW.

An AMERICAN BITTERN was at the log pond and the NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH continued at the Arcata Marsh on February 27 (Elias Elias, Brian Cariss, Paul Lohsse).

Good birding,

Steve Tucker
LBJ Enterprises

Thursday, March 03, 2005

No tufted flycatcher

I have the unlucky responsibility of reporting that there are no Tufted Flycatchers in Humboldt County at this time, but maybe someday. However, there is one (possibly two?) conveniently located on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, if anyone is up for a road trip. But if Black Vulture, Crested Caracara, Violet-crowned and Magnificent Hummingbirds can make it up here, then anything is possible.


Godwit Days 2005 features Bird Atlas


The Godwit Days April15th-17th has selected “Accomplishments in Citizen Science” as the theme of this 10th annual festival. As part of Humboldt County’s own citizen science effort, Redwood Region Audubon Society (RRAS) will unveil at the Festival its nearly 500-page “Atlas of the Bredding Birds of Humboldt County, California.” Nearly 100 people – many of them amateurs -- went out in the field to look for bird behaviors that indicated nesting was occurring or contributed data from their research studies. Starting in 1995, 5 years of data collection were followed by 5 years of analysis, review, map creation, and writing of the accounts describing the habitat preferences and natural history of our 181 breeding species.

This April 15th, atlas authors John Hunter and David Fix will speak about the project during the lecture following Friday night’s Opening Reception at the Arcata Community Center. They, along with co-authors Jude Power and Greg Schmidt, will be available that evening to sign copies offered for sale by RRAS during the Festival. The authors will also be signing atlases at the Natural History Museum Reception Saturday 16, 5-7 pm, refreshments served ($3).

In recognition of the monumental Atlas effort and of the many years of Festival support by RRAS, Godwit Days has chosen RRAS ( as this year’s “Spotlight Organization,” to receive a portion of each paid registration.

Godwit Days PO Box 894 Arcata, CA 95518 707-442-0339

NWCA bird report 2/19-2/25/05

Here is what has been reported over the past week in northwestern California. Call the Arcata birdbox at 707-822-5666 for more information and more explicit directions, and to report your own sightings. Please remember to use the star key when exiting to prevent "jamming" the birdbox.


HORNED PUFFIN (found beached, alive)
common redpoll (confirmed from December)

Elias Elias had the continuing NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH at the log pond and a PALM WARBLER at the footbridge near the north I Street parking lot on February 25 at the Arcata Marsh. Elias Elias reported seeing photos of the COMMON REDPOLL reported from Eureka. It was present for 3 weeks in December.
80 TREE SWALLOWS and 5-6 VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS were reported by Scott Kerry on February 23 at the Arcata Marsh over the Log Pond.
Brian Accord on February 21 had the continuing BLUE JAY at Tom and Cathy Heins' residence in Redwood Valley.
John and Jennifer Mason reported on February 21 a juvenile NORTHERN GOSHAWK at their residence 1.5 miles east of Willow Creek. They can be reached at530-629-2072
Stacy Hamill reported a PALM WARBLER at Allen Marsh at the Arcata Marsh on February 21.
RED KNOT, CLARK'S GREBE, EURASIAN WIGEON and YELLOW WARBLER were reported at the Arcata Marsh by Elias Elias on February 21.
Matt Wachs on February 21 had a LONG-TAILED DUCK at the end of South Depot Road in Field's Landing and 3 HOODED MERGANSERS on the right side of the road coming into King Salmon. Also seen from King Salmon were 1 PACIFIC LOON, 2 HARLEQUIN DUCKS and 4 MARBLED MURRELETS.
Amanda Austin from the Wildlife Care Center recieved a HORNED PUFFIN found beached in Samoa. She can be reached at 845-5863 for photographs of the bird.
Frank Anderson reported a PALM WARBLER on February 20 at the Arcata Marsh south of the Interpretive Center.
Rob Fowler reported that Todd Easterlea had the BLUE JAY on February 19 in Redwood Valley. On February 20 Rob, Todd, and John Hunter had the continuing LEAST FLYCATCHER at the Watermark Building in Arcata, and the continuing BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH, COMMON MOORHEN and PALM WARBLER at the Arcata Marsh.
On February 20 Jim Tietz had a LESSER YELLOWLEGS and 4 LAPLAND LONGSPURS at the Mad River Slough Wildlife Area.

Check out the Northwestern California Bird Blog (with the right address this
time) at for more frequent updates on whats going on with birds in the region.

Good birding,

Steve Tucker,
LBJ Enterprises

West Coast US Summary Jan-Feb 2005

The past week’s birdbox shows that some great winter season birds are still around. LEAST FLYCATCHER in Arcata, and BLUE JAY are not to be missed. I only have seen one of each before in Humboldt County. As well as these there has been an unprecedented appearance of HORNED PUFFIN along the coast. The most recent on the North Spit, alive and now at a care center. An earlier dead bird was preceded by several records from Del Norte County from Alan Baron. For those of you that don’t visit other State’s birding listsserves or there has been a HORNED PUFFIN event all along the coast. While checking these records it was interesting to hear of a REDWING in Suburban Washington with AMERICAN ROBIN. A NORTHERN HAWK-OWL that was on show in Bend Oregon sweetened the waterfowl show as BALKAL TEAL, was at the Kent Ponds, WA, and a FALCATED DUCK was in Coburg, OR.. California wasn’t far behind with SLATEY-BACKED GULL along with SEDGE WREN in San Mateo, followed by an (KUMLIEN’S) ICELAND GULL in Santa Clara. A COMMON BLACK-HAWK in a Stockton residential lake fed on the prey along the exposed shoreline.

Yours, Rob


N.HAWK-OWL DIRECTIONS FROM S HWY 97 (KLAMATH FALLS/WEED)Exit Hwy 97 at Knott Rd., S of Bend proper. Turn R (east) on Knott and take it a few miles
until it bends to the N. Turn R east) onto Rickard Rd, just before the landfill.

1/16/05 This morning the Baikal Teal was well observed by many birders from the southernmost viewing tower at the Kent Ponds, WA.

Another Horned Puffin was found dead in Del Norte Co., this one on the beach about 2 miles south of the Oregon border by Oscar Johnston on 10 Jan. 2005. Previously, and also on 10 Jan., one was found at the ocean end of 6th Street in Crescent City by Sky Lloyd.These constitute the 2nd and 3rd records for Del Norte County. Both specimens were saved and will be offered to Humboldt State University.

Jan 15 05, The Redwing at Olympia was well present this morning along Thomas Street just north of 4th Ave. from 8am-10am,then a short observation at the same location that afternoon

1/15/05 Hugh Jennings was at the Kent ponds this morning from about 10-11:30 where there 6-7 scopes set up on the SW viewing platform looking at the sleeping Baikal Teal.

An hour and a half after arriving at the northeast corner of North Lake in Stockton, San Joaquin County, Pat spotted the COMMON BLACK-HAWK flying in from the south at 12:40 pm today 1/28/05. It landed in a European White Birch in the backyard of 4111 Five Mile Drive. The bird stayed there for 20 minutes and then flew to a Liquid Amber behind 4149 Five Mile Drive where it spent the next 30 minutes. From there it briefly moved to a tree at the southwest corner of the lake and then back to the east side to the "Egret Tree." When we left at 1:50 pm the hawk was leaning into a west wind and weathering the heavy rain.

1/21/05 The apparent 3rd cycle Slaty-backed Gull was discovered at 4 p.m. todayat Venice Beach, Half Moon Bay, at the north end of the beach where itwas reported yestereday by Al Jaramillo and David Vander Pluym. It wasviewed and photographed by dozens of us. I have a few digiscoped shotsat a short discussion, but it does not really add much to whatJaramillo has already posted. I hope others will post their photos aswell; mine show the tail okay but do not include a spread wing.FWIW, the bird was not found despite much efforts earlier in theafternoon, and was only located after a flight of "new" gulls appearedoverhead, possibly from an inland source (dump?), that circled andlanded during a time when all the thousands of gulls on the beach were'rolling' north in short groups up the beach.

The "second-year bird showing features consistent with a Kumlien's(Iceland) Gull reported by Al Jaramillo yesterday, 22 February 2005.At about 8:30 AM. Mike Fiegner, Randy and Janet Little of Milpitas andJennifer Rycenga were looking at the bird. It was standing on the farend of the pier. It does seem to have an injured left foot.Directions:In Milpitas from I-680:Head west on Calaveras Blvd. Turn right (north) on Milpitas Blvd. Youwill see the park on the left. You will have to make a U-turn at thenext intersection (Tramway Dr.), and then park in the small parking loton the right with the sign Hidden Lake Park.In Milpitas from I-880:Head east on Calaveras Blvd. Turn left (north) on N. Abel St Turnright on Milpitas Blvd., and park in the small lot with the sign HiddenLake Park on the right just past Tramway Dr.
Santa Clara Co.
--On Feb 25, the KUMLIEN'S ICELAND GULL continues at Hidden Lake Park in Milpitas. To reach the park, take Calaveras Blvd (Hwy 237), take N. Milpitas Blvd north, to Tramway , make a U-turn to get to the park on Milpitas Blvd. The bird was seen up until 500pm at least.

This morning 2/2/05, Brian Cariss, Elias Elias, Chet Ogan, and Ken Burton saw the Blue Jay that has been on private property on Stover Road for the past month or so. To arrange a viewing(apparently, NO ONE has been skunked yet), call Tom or Cathy Heins at 707-668-5974 between 1000 and 1930. Brian Accord on February 21 had the continuing BLUE JAY at Tom and Cathy Heins' residence in Redwood Valley.

2/3/05 The FALCATED DUCK is also still being seen at the RV Park west of the Coburg exit of Hwy I5 north of Eugene. Be sure to check in at the office. 2/24/05, the Coburg FALCATED DUCK, and the Bend HAWK OWL continue to be seen.

Robert W. Hewitt
Wildlife Biologist - LBJ Enterprises
Eureka, California
(w) 707-442-0339, (cell) 707-845-3189, (fax) 707-269-0632

Chairman, Godwit Days Steering Committee
April 15-17, 2005
Keynote Speaker: Ken Able, on Bird Migration.

Monday, February 28, 2005

The Refuge This Weekend

Come down to the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge (HBNWR) this weekend March 4-6th for the spectacle of the Aleutian Cackling Goose flyoff at dawn. There will be family fun all weekend and the refuge is open extra hours. There are thousands of geese and lots of other waterfowl and raptors. The visitor center and boardwalk make a great place to observe wildlife, and staff and trip leaders will be on hand to show you the birds, or make a birdhouse if you want. Friday night kicks off with an always popular talk by Dr Stan Harris on the history of Humboldt Birds, sunset with the geese and friends to talk "wildlife" with. Friday, Saturday or Sunday pay a visit, and don't forget the Audubon Banquet Saturday Night. See you there Sunday when I will lead a carpool trip around the Eel River Bottomlands. Full details available at the refuge call 733-5406.

Yours Rob

Monday, February 21, 2005

Selasphorous, death of a legend

Heard my first Selasphorous hummingbird of the year whiz by today in Arcata on my way to school.

R.I.P. Hunter S. Thompson.

- Steve Tucker

Sunday, February 20, 2005

White-fronted Geese

On my way to the homebrew store in Eureka yesterday (Feb 19) I had at least 4 Greater White-fronted Geese just west of the V Street Loop in the bottoms. That field has been pretty consistent for them in late winter and spring the last few years...

Friday, February 18, 2005

NWCA bird report 2/11-2/18/05

Here is what has been reported over the past week in northwestern California. Call the Arcata birdbox at 707-822-5666 for more information and more explicit directions, and to report your own sightings. Please remember to use the star key when exiting to prevent "jamming" the birdbox.



4 WESTERN BLUEBIRDS were at the Jacoby Creek Land Trust at Old Arcata and Jacoby Creek roads on February 15 (David Fix, Tom Leskiw). 20 BAND-TAILED PIGEONS were at Cummings Road on February 17, continuing since January (Tom Leskiw).

Barrie Sauppe on February 15 from the base of the South Jetty had a 2nd year GLAUCOUS GULL in Humboldt Bay.

On February 14 Scott Kerry had a HARLAN'S RED-TAILED HAWK on Hwy 101 south of Arcata, on the first billboard south of Jacoby Creek southbound on Highway 101.

Scott Kerry on February 13 had the continuing BLUE JAY and the tame flock of WILD TURKEYS on Redwood Creek. In the Arcata Bottoms at the northwest corner of Jackson Ranch Road was a BALD EAGLE and a MERLIN. On February 12 Scott and Dave Shuford had a PARASITIC JAEGER and 3 BLACK SCOTERS off the Freshwater Lagoon Beach. On Freshwater Lagoon there was a THAYER'S GULL. Stone and Big Lagoon had 1 COMMON GOLDENEYE each. 2 PALM WARBLERS were at the Watermark Building in Arcata, but no Least Flycatcher.

Ron LeValley in Crescent City had a BULLOCK'S ORIOLE and NASHVILLE WARBLER at 1070 K St on February 13.

The BLUE JAY and WHITE-THROATED SPARROW continued and the Heins residence at Redwood Creek, seen by Richard G. (name hard to decipher...) on February 12.

Kristen Brown and Eric Concannon had 8 WILSON'S SNIPE and a light MERLIN in the V St area of the Arcata bottoms on February 11.

Jim Tietz on February 12 at the Mad River boat ramp had an ORESTERA ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER and 21 TUNDRA SWANS fly over. 5 THAYER'S GULLS and 8 HERRING GULLS were in the big gull roost near the mouth of the river.

Tristen McKee reported that Jason Starfire on February 12 had a ZONE-TAILED HAWK near Redding on Hwy 5 fly over with some Turkey Vultures.

Good Birding,
Steve Tucker
LBJ Enterprises